about me

I currently work as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer for a healthcare startup. My work mostly focusing around Kubernetes on cloud-native platforms (EKS), and general automation (Terraform, Jenkins). I also do quite a bit of programming in Python including APIs, Lambda functions, and other random things. Although formally trained as a Psychologist, I’ve been working on and around Linux professionally since 2008.

I am a huge Linux geek, and have been using Linux almost exclusively since the late 90s. I did my first install of Caldera Linux in 1997 and have been hooked ever since. I currently run a mix of distributions, including Rocky on server systems, and Arch on my desktop and laptop systems.

Besides geeking around in Linux, I like cyberpunk, anime, and just about anything Japanese. I have far too many hobbies and projects than I know what to do with. Good beer and good music make me happy.